Living Beyond

ST-MOYA established in 1987

In the past 30 years, hundreds of thousands of knives have been smoothed, but they have been chasing the corners of innovation. The persistence is not only about materials and crafts, but also about the enlightenment of future life. The future is not far away, and the home is the future.

Since 1987, we have led many trends in the history of modern Chinese furniture through forward-looking design concepts.


First 28-type chair in China


First "million" chair in China


First butterfly chair in China


First Great Wall chair in China


First light furniture series in China

Since the first chair in 1987, ST-MOYA intention to treat every part and every product.

Gently touch every piece produced, over the delicate craftsmanship of experience, 28 years of persistent pursuit of craftsmanship even has a modern first-class equipment, the same is obsessed with the process, the same is the share of craftsmen feelings. It took 28 years of bitter rivalry, here is full of customer trust, expert support, channel support, and all the employees who have contributed.

  • In 28 years, we have completed the integration of software furniture from manual to assembly line;
  • In 28 years, we have caught up with and surpassed the design and crafts of international software homes;
  • In 28 years, we have made furniture rise from simple functionality to refined aesthetics.

Ascend to the far-sightedness, soothe the past, and observe the history through the lens of emotion. It is growth, sentiment, and spur.