Have less, Do more.


Minimalist is beyond time.

Home industry is undergoing change. We believe that innovation is not only material and craft, but also the exploration and enlightenment of future life…

St-MOYA minimalist style that never changes.

The founders have never blindly followed the trend. When the luxury style is popular, they stick to the simple and simple style. When the simple style catches up, they have explored the original minimalist style that belongs to St-MOYA.

Long-term change is a gaze of deep affection for history. The history of the river is wide and wide, and the intent is only going to follow the wave of a canoe. Only with deep conviction and unwavering will it not be afraid of madness and rain.

Perseverance is the admiration of life. There is no shortage of mediocrity in life, and there is no courage to break the boat. It is impossible to walk out of its own road.

A spirit of pursuing excellence, a historical initiative that lays the foundation for me, and a force of resentment, let St-MOYA’s brand exude a calm and calm, maverick cultural heritage from the inside out.

A vibrant work culture that flows with creativity is our secret

Invest in quality furniture then scrimp on the basics.

Design the life you want live.